Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Raw Wraps

It looks like I was on a soup kick the past couple days.
I go on soup binges, I love soup.
but for those that like to chew... this post is not about soup.

This post is about a delicious wrap.

I feel like wraps were trendy 5 years ago. It was all the range to ditch the "boring" sandwich between two slices of bread and put it in one giant flatbread thing and roll it up. Wraps can stink. That first bite is all rolled flatbread, you have to chew 2 bites before you get to the goodness inside. I don't like that. Normally I'm a "boring" sandwich girl.

This wrap, is better than those bread-y ones, because it has no bread. In fact... it has nothing cooked at all! It's totally raw. It's more like a raw eggroll now that I think about, but I'm getting distracted.

  • Step One: Collard Leaves*!
Those giant fan looking beauties. To turn them into a wrap you should remove the tough stem, but don't damage the leaf. Flip the leaf over and gently slide your knife down the stem close to the leaf, removing it. I filmed myself doing it because I don't think I'm explaining too well.

Marinade your leafy wrappers in a mixture of 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice*, and 2 tsp salt. Rub the marinade over the leaves to get them covered. I soaked mine for maybe two hours. I also wiped mine down with a paper towel before wrapping. The marinade should make them soft not wet.

  • Step Two: Filling!
1/2 bag of Shredded Carrots*,
1/2 a red pepper*,
1 portobella mushroom*,
2 green onions*,
2 springs of fresh mint*,
1/4 medium sized red cabbage

Just slice and dice everything up pretty small. Done! (Raw food is super quick right) I will say that Raw food is quicker because nothing is cooked, obviously, but be careful if you're using dull knives because there is a lot of chopping, dicing, or mincing: however you wanna word it. You can of course buy items from the grocery store pre-chopped like I did with these carrots but I wouldn't do that too much. Preservatives are often added to prevent discoloration and stuff.

  • Step Three: Sauce!
I actually measured this junk for the blog! Normally I'm a pinch of this, a dash of that, but nope, I broke out the dusty tablespoons just for this.

1 tsp minced garlic*
2 tsp raw almond butter*
1 tbsp lime juice*
4 dates*
1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
2 tsp tamari*
1 tsp salt
sprinkle dried red pepper (or half a jalapeno)
sprinkle powdered ginger* (or fresh)
water to thin it out

Blend everything using your favorite blending instrument; blender, immersion blender, food processor. Add the water as needed to get it to a thin pudding type consistency. Then pour over the filling. I let mine sit about an hour simply because I got excited before we were going to eat but I like how it absorbed.

  • Step Four: Roll it up!

Roll the filling into your collard leaf and cut in half. Try not to sample the whole thing before it even makes it to the plate. That little guy in that photo, he never even made it to the dining room table.

* means that I used Organic for that ingredient.

Happy Eating!

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