Monday, January 16, 2012

Icing Tests

More Cupcakes!
oh yes...

Chai Tea Icing - Good.
Strawberry Icing - Very Good.
Peanut Butter Icing - BEST!

Base of all icing:
1/2 cup vegan margarine. I use Earth Balance.
3-4 cups vegan organic powdered sugar.

Beat the "butter" until light and kind of fluffy. Slowly add sugar until mixed throughly and it looks, well, icing like. you can add a splash of soy milk too, it gets creamier if you do. vanilla extract is always good too but a base should be simple so I'm not going to make you do it; 1 tsp if you wanted though.

  • For the chai you brew 2 tea bags in not a lot of boiling water (3 tbsp) to make a strong concentrate. Add this with some cinnamon into the base and viola!

  • For strawberry I boiled 4-5 fresh berries in a bit of water and sugar. smoosh the berries with a spoon and release all the juices. then pour over a fine strainer and strain out delicious pink nectar. Add strawberry nectar to the base and extra powdered sugar because it's a little watery.

  • For peanut butter you add 1-2tbsp creamy organic peanut butter into the base along with a pinch of salt and an extra splash of soy milk since it's thicker and needs some creamy help.

Any other icing I should try? I mean, I could be talked into trying more...
Happy Eating!

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