Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carrots for Dinner

Me: "These carrots taste so meaty!"
Chris: "hahaha, you clearly haven't eaten meat in a while."

I bought these carrots from the store because I loved them. How adorable are they? I could have done an entire photo shoot with the carrots.
I didn't.
Okay, yes I did but I deleted most of them.
Moving on!

I wanted to cook up the carrots in more of a "main dish" sort of way than a side dish, so I roasted them whole.

I cut off the greens leaving about 1/2 inch of green attached. You want to see the little mohawk sticking up. Wash the carrots too since you're not peeling them.
Line the pan with foil. Honestly, I could have named my blog "Line the Pan with Foil" so let's just assume whenever I'm using a baking sheet I'm probably lining it with foil.
I made my roasting dressing right there on the baking sheet. Lazy style.

Pour on some agave nectar.
A splash of apple cider vinegar.
Roll the carrots around in the syrup.
Sprinkle on herbamare. I just bought herbamare for the first time and so far, I like it.
Pop the baking sheet in the oven at about 400 degrees.
Take it out when it looks like this.

The carrots get soft but not mushy. I thought they got meaty, Chris clearly did not.
I did not serve the carrots with the sauce, I pulled the carrots off the tray and actually tried to not get the sauce. The vinegar gets fruity and the agave is already sweet.

I served it over some wild rice. Viola. Vegan Meal.
Chris might not have thought they were not meaty but he sure ate more than his half. :)

Happy Eating.

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