Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eating Outside of my Kitchen

I live in orlando.

I met this really nice gentlemen from Portland the other day and we had the best discussion about this nourishing sustainable lifestyle I'm attempting. He really encouraged me. He surprised me when he told me he thought it was great I was doing it here (in Orlando) because it was so much harder here than in Portland. I never thought it might be easier somewhere else. The community around you can of course guide you;

Would you all change your lifestyle if the community you lived in supported that change?

I feel so blessed that I can even eat out at all!
Chris and I went out to eat again so here is my review of Dandelion Cafe.

It's a VEGAN menu! I could dance, I mean really dance! I love being able to eat out and not feel like a "complicated order."
You do order at a counter and then seat yourself with a number and the food is brought to you, this is pretty common. It must be cost effective because it's common in omnivorous restaurants like Panera Bread too.

I ordered the "Machos Libre" and the "Simple Side Salad" with green goddess dressing.

Machos Libre are vegan nachos with chili and cheeze and I found them irresistible. I do have an affinity for salty crunchy cheezy things, so that might do it. haha. That sounded like one of those Taco Bell commercials.

Side salad was good... leafy and green. I like the flavor of the Green Goddess dressing but I'm not used to the creamy texture. I looked it up online and it's probably a mixture of green onion, avocado, and herbs. All good things!

Happy Eating!

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