Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date Night

Do you couples out there have a Date Night?

We didn't really. I mean, no kids, no mortgage... what do we need to escape from? but then we were told by someone really wise that showing your spouse that they are worth the investment of getting dressed up, spending money, spending time, and leaving the house is very important. The more you invest into your relationship the more valuable it gets right?

Well... with the recent switch to veganism dates out of the house are more difficult.
Here are some recent reviews for you :)
I like a place with vegan options where I don't have to modify menu items, I don't like being "that girl" who has to change everything about her order. Besides, I understand a chef's menu as a unit and disrupting the integrity of his/her creation would kind of be like asking a artist to paint in blue because you prefer it. You could ask an artist to do that... but you probably wouldn't.

Review #1: The Yellow Dog Eats.
This was a total accident, a very happy accident. A menu with a vegan options (without any modifications!) and meaty options! Throw in adorable atmosphere and al fresco dining and I would go there every week. Gotta love supporting a locally owned place. My "downward dog" wrap (love not having a salad huh!?) was so good. I will say they were heavy handed on that sriracha so watch out and go for waterproof mascara! Chris loved their bbq sauce and raved about his sandwich too.

This chain has most "healthy lifestyle" folk cringing. Huge portions. Dessert menu from heaven. Huge portions. Also, not much is vegan without modification. I had the Thai Lettuce Wraps from the appetizer page of the menu. I asked the chicken simply be omitted but my waitress was amazing and suggested a switch to portobello mushroom. Yes please! This entree might have been my favorite because the portions were so large and sometimes vegan is code for small portion. The dessert menu has nothing but fresh fruit and we skipped it anyway after such a big dinner.

Review #3: Seasons 52.
There is no butter in this entire restaurant. Let's start there with a huge sigh of relief. There is literally no chance some prep cook spilled butter on your sauteing vegetables. Let me also say: totally separate vegan menu to order from with no need for modifications! I had the Ponzu-Glazed Tofu with Cremini Mushroom, Broccoli, and Roasted Potatoes. Plus a garden salad to start. This was my most enjoyable eating out experience since being a vegan. No ordering at a counter, pretty decor, no modifying the menu, and my husband ate pork and loved every second of his meaty dinner. I love seeing that man smile.

Review #4: Lazy Moon Cafe.
Pizza, every vegan scowls. Try this super laid back UCF staple, now serving diaya. I had the "treehugger" special with includes the vegan cheese alternative so there was no need to modify. Honestly... this pizza is better than the vegan restaurant's pizza. plus, the hubsy could have gotten meat had he wanted, but my maybe vegetarian convert skipped the meat this night. Plus we were out of there with 2 beers and 2 slices of pizza for under $25.

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