Sunday, October 24, 2010


I haven't done a "product feature" in a while. In the past I've talked about my favorite cookies, or my favorite pickles but I think it's about time I introduced you to my favorite soda...
Cheerwine. It's seriously delicious. It's a it's a sweet cherry soda with similar (but better) tastes as Dr. Pepper. It's made in Salisbury, N.C. and it's only distributed to the Carolinas, which is plenty upsetting when you live in Orlando. Chris was able to try Cheerwine for the first time when we took our honeymoon in Saluda, N.C. He loved it, of course.
How is there a cheerwine on my counter, since I haven't been back to North Carolina since the honeymoon? I'm so glad you asked! 4Rivers Smokehouse has started carrying Cheerwine. This is the best thing to happen to Central Florida in a long time.
The original Cheerwine in the glass bottle is made with cane sugar and it's a sweet treat without all the corn sweetener of many sodas.

Happy Eating (or drinking in this case!)

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