Saturday, October 16, 2010

11 month anniversary

Do you celebrate month-iversaries? I've never been one to do that, I'm confessing I'm nohopeless romantic. Before meeting Chris (and even now) I wasn't too sentimental or gushy about things besides Pride & Prejudice.
My parent's gave us the most amazing gift for our wedding; a box of 12 envelopes. One to open every month of our first year of marriage. They were beautifully painted and filled with restaurant gift certificates and movie tickets. Things for "date night" every month. It's almost turned me into a month-iversary celebrator.

We got married in Las Vegas and we had a reception lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Bar & Grill in the MGM Grand. It was so perfect. It was a plated lunch with a choice between chicken and salmon. It was casual. The wine was delicious. My parent's were very generous. We all loved it actually, so this time we were in Vegas we had to stop at the restaurant for a trip down memory lane. It was right before our 11 month-iversary.
I remember that lunch like it was yesterday. I was nervous and excited and determined not to spill anything on my dress. This time was more relaxed and the food was just as delicious.

Happy Eating!

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