Thursday, October 28, 2010


My mom has always loved tea. As far back as I can remember my mom would drink hot tea when she was upset or if it was cold outside. She drank black tea with milk or cream and I thought it was exotic.

We began to drink tea together as I entered into middle school and as I learned more about tea the more I realized that it's popularity stretches far past my mom. There are a few basic kinds of tea; black, white, green, herbal, and red. Although I would fight you on red tea, called rooibos, because it isn't tea, it's an african bush. It's considered tea nonetheless and I am trying to accept it. I like black tea (no cream) but I normally prefer white or herbal teas. You should know that you can't put cream into herbal tea, it will curdle immediately.

There is a store near where I live, called Infusion Tea. It's amazing. They carry dozens of teas and I love it. It's like the golden corral of tea choices. Right now I am sipping their Green Tea Jubilee. I'm also coughing and sniffling. Whenever I am sick I crave tea. They say it has antioxidants or whatever that can make you healthy so maybe my body is craving what it needs.

Do you crave certain things when you're sick? Chicken soup never did much for me, I just don't like it.
Happy Feel Better Eating!

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