Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Groceries Delivered?

I had a small procedure done on monday to test some stuff... it's super boring and I'm not really sure why I had it done because the doctor was all, "it definitely looks fine."
ANYWAY... I can't do anything! I'm not allowed to clean, cook, grocery shop, shower, walk the puppies, or basically do anything at all. It's unfortunate because today is my grocery shopping day. (I'll still post my meal plans but who knows how it will work out since I'll have to squeeze grocery shopping in tomorrow)

This has me thinking... can you have groceries delivered? I've heard of it in larger cities like New York and places where you don't necessarily have a car. I've also heard of it for elderly folks who can't make it to the store anymore. What about the rest of us?

This what I've found:
Net Grocer: This one is basically like online shopping from an entire grocery store. You choose what you want, click "add to cart" and voila! It's delivered to your door. They even have a "Natural & Organic" section. They ship using FedEx, and shipping costs are linked to how much you're spending total. They have everything from cookies to butter to deli meats although prices are steep!

Schwans: My mom actually uses Schwans for some things. Their foods are pretty much all frozen. Frozen meats, vegetables, fruits and pre-cooked meals. The food looks pretty delicious and the things I've tasted at my mom's were great. This is a cool place for ordering if you don't have time for much meal planning. It's not per item groceries. They have a "Live Smart" section that has lower fat, sodium, calories and no trans fats. Prices don't seem too high but there is a delivery fee that I couldn't see without signing up for an account, which I didn't do.

We Go Shop: This website takes your grocery list, and sends someone to the store for you. They use to create the list, which is a super fun free service where you create your shopping list in their forms, but you provide all the information about quantity and brand. (You can use Lifejot without using We Go Shop) For up to $100 of groceries there is a $24 service fee but get this, they will take your coupons to the store for you!

Happy Grocery Delivery Day!

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