Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Have you ever heard of McClures Pickles?

I love pickles. something I have in common with the Duggars. I mean, I love them! But those yellowed grocery store jarred pickles fail me. There is no crunch, there is no tang, there is no snap to the pickle. They are spongy, wet, and often unappetizing. I think the whole world would love pickles if they could taste an amazing pickle.

I was watching my favorite channel: The Food Network (no surprise there) and they have a show called The Best Thing I Ever Ate... snack attack! Ted Allen talked about his love of a McClure pickle, and they have been featured in BonAppetit Magazine, one of my favorite subscriptions. So... I was interested.

I have recently discovered that you can order many of your favorite foods from other cities over the internet. I discovered it with Berger Cookies, which deserve their own blog post, but back to pickles. The McClure family only sell their pickles by the case at $120 a case, Thats a little out of my grocery budget. but Market Hall Foods sells them by the jar for $12.50.

They are back ordered but I'll be sure to tell you as soon as they arrive!

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