Monday, October 4, 2010

Grocery Shopping

It was a light week for groceries at our house. Don't you love it when you already have most of the items you need?

I spent $8.41 at Freshfields Farm on produce. That bought me: Organic Baby Spinach, 3 Bananas, 1 Roma Tomato, 1 Green Pepper, 1 Orange Pepper, 1 Yellow Onion, 1 Hass Avocado, and 2 mini Pumpkins (for decoration).

I spent $33.74 at Publix. Only saved $2.10 with coupons this week because I didn't need anything that I had coupons for and I didn't want to buy it just because I had a coupon. I bought some frozen breakfast sandwiches (coupon!), frozen vegetables (sale for $.99), 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, 2 bottles of salsa (sale BOGO), 6 luna protein bars, 4pack of lightbulbs, 2 greek yogurts (coupon!), .6lb of shrimp (sale), chicken tenderloins, and of course, my favorite, milk. I SERIOUSLY need to find some coupons for Stoneyfield Organic Skim Milk. Does anyone know where I can find some? It is my favorite milk and we go though a gallon a week, which runs us $7.78.

Those 6 Luna bars totaled $5.94 and my impatient self paid full price and then tonight I scored a bunch of $.50 off coupons. Ridiculous! Lost Savings: $3.

On a happier note... I already had black beans, brown rice, tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta, flour & bread ingredients, a frozen pizza, oatmeal, cereal, and coffee creamer.

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