Monday, October 18, 2010

Bacon, Banana, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter

In my last blog I shared about our amazing experience at rm seafood. What I skimmed over was our DESSERT. You probably already know how much I love dessert. At my first glance of the rm seafood menu I knew this was the dessert for us on our special outing. Here is the thing about desserts at restaurants, normally they suck. You know it's true. It's previously frozen dried out brownie with generic ice cream and corn syrup drizzle. Not delicious.

Vegas is known for Elvis, who I admittedly know nothing about. I know he was a singer, I know that he danced almost as good as I do after a few glasses of wine and I know that he might have had an affinity for sparkles based on the costumes I've seen. I learned something new about him this last time in Las Vegas. He liked to eat bacon, banana, chocolate, and peanut butter together. Crazy right?! Sounds like leftover bachelor food to me.

If it made the menu at a fancy restaurant that everyone loves then maybe it isn't gross. We gave it a try, and out came The Fat Elvis Spring Rolls:

How cute are they? Little sugar coated fried spring rolls looking so adorable in a little pile. That sauce is passionfruit carmel sauce and I might sell my left kidney for more of it!

The chocolate was warm and oozing out after you took a bite but the banana was nestled in there pretty good and didn't try to escape. The bacon was that thicker cut bacon and the salt gave all the sweet flavors a nice escape. The textures of peanut butter and crispy spring roll... they went so well together. If I were going to be Miss America I would give all the world one of these spring rolls!

I don't have a fryer and I can't make them at home, very disappointing. Do any of you have recipes using these "Elvis" inspired ingredients? I'd love to try it at home!!!

Happy Elvis Eating!

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