Thursday, September 30, 2010

Restaurant Review: Croissant Gourmet

Chris and I decided to go out to breakfast, and we tried Croissant Gourmet. It's at 120 E. Morse Blvd Winter Park, FL 32789.
I am not the average pastry lover. I mean, some previously frozen corn syrup glazed item from Panera Bread does not entice me. This bakery is the real deal. We're talking butter everywhere. Butter nay-sayers can just skip this altogether because it was butter heaven.

The smells are so alluring that even from the street everyone peeks through the large glass windows. There is a counter to the left when you walk in, it's filled to the brim of almond croissants, cinnamon pastries, cheese danishes, fruit tarts, chocolate desserts and other delicious looking things you wanted to pop into your mouth while the sweet girl behind the counter wasn't looking. I'll admit the visual appeal might be the same as the corporate previously frozen bakery you have in your neighborhood but wait until you taste it.

Chris had the fruit tart. He let me have a bite, what a good guy. It was moist and flakey on the bottom, the effects of much butter I am sure. The tart part was genuine. No rock hard cardboard or soggy flour. The custard might have been vanilla, or plain... is plain even a flavor? The fruit was fresh, we watched them bring in fresh strawberries while we were there. It was glazed in real sugar with maybe some lemon. Bright flavors. Overall: Delicious Fruit Tart (4 stars)

I had the Jalouise. What is that? It is perfection. It's like a strudel and a turn-over mixed together. Mine was Almond Raspberry flavored. As you can see, it was the small size. Alright alright, it was huge. I do contest that it was airy and light so most of the height is air pockets and those don't count. The part that was dense and sweet though... oh it counted! It was almost sweetened almond paste with raspberry jam. The pastry part was buttery (sensing a theme?) and light and not burnt on the edges but delicious the whole way though. Overall: Surprising New Pastry: (4.5 Stars)

Pricing was not markedly cheap or overtly overpriced. Our total for 2 pastries, 1 espresso, and 1 coffee was $10.26.
Happy Pastry Eating!

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