Monday, September 13, 2010


I went to Publix and bought groceries!
I saved $17.54
The Special K Cereal, Trail Mix, and Dole Salads were BOGO.
That hummus was $2.99 and I ended up using 2 coupons for $1 off so I paid $.99!
I had coupons for the tuna and eggs, Has anyone used those pre-cooked hard boiled eggs before? Chris is interested in trying them for quick high protein snacks.
I splurged a bit on some feta cheese, it's only a splurge because Chris will not eat it. I think I can put a whole package away by myself though :)
Yes, those are twizzlers hiding in the corner, Chris asked for those for his trip this weekend to Colorado.

Chris and I are both out of town this weekend! Chris is going to the great american beer festival in Colorado and I am going to the west coast of Florida to Sarasota for a stay on the beach. We both think that our trip sounds better than our spouse's.
I'm sure I'll take plenty of pictures!

Happy Healthy Eating!

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