Monday, September 27, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Today I spent $79.49 which is about $20 more than I planned to spend... I am not super proud of my overspending BUT... it happens and maybe I didn't overspend but simply under-plan :D

Above is what I bought at Publix for $48.79. I got some amazing deals!! (be excited) I saved $46.13! Cha-ching.
Savings Recap: Oatmeal was BOGO plus $1 coupon, Tuna was BOGO plus $.50 coupon, Crunchmaster Crackers were BOGO plus $1 coupon, Coffee Creamer was 2/$3 plus $1 coupon off two, Contact Solution was BOGO plus 4 $1 coupons, Cheese was 2/$4, and the frozen Pizza was 2/$10 plus $1 coupon.
I tried to hide the cookies under the tuna but you all can probably still see them, those were $3.69 I didn't need but I've already eaten two since I've been home! Those Olive Crackers were on Sale and I had a $1 coupon but they rang up as the wrong price and so Publix being amazing, gave me them for free and still took my $1 off coupon, so I made a dollar!

I made out pretty well at Freshfield Farms as well, which is where I spent the other $30.70. 3lbs of Organic Apples, 10 small Red Potatoes, 4 tiny Clementines, 3 Bananas, 4 Tomatoes, 1.39lbs of Asparagus, 1 Yellow Pepper, 1 Green Pepper, 1 Red Pepper, and 2 Large NY Strip Steaks.

Happy Shopping!

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