Thursday, September 2, 2010


Potatoes are kind of like a super-food. They say blueberries are a super-fruit so maybe we could get the word out about potatoes.

There are many awesome things about them.
1. they are gluten free
2. they can be boiled, baked, steamed or sauteed
3. they can be mashed to a pulp or served whole
4. they can be put into soup
5. they can be the base for delicious things like chili or broccoli or cheese
6. they are 100% natural
7. they are inexpensive ( $.89/lb this week)
8. they come in red, purple, brown, and yellow
9. they grow in the ground!
10. they make delicious chips

There are probably more cool things about potatoes but that's plenty for me.

Mashed potatoes are probably my favorite food. I think I have said that about other foods so I'll clarify and say my favorite starchy vegetable.
Mashed potatoes are a crazy thing because when I say that we are all probably thinking of totally different things. Creamy or chunky? red or brown potatoes? skin on or skin off? milk?butter?
The options are close to endless.

I like to add some mashed cooked cauliflower to my potatoes. (cooked is key, don't forget that step or your potatoes will be inedible. I forgot that step once)
Today I was chatting with a good cook friend of mine and he said he adds a little cream cheese to his mashed potatoes for texture.

What do you add to your mashed potatoes?

Tip: If you like skin off mashed potatoes, boil the whole potatoes for a few minutes and then remove the skin under cool tap water. The skins peel right off without the waste of using a peeler on raw potatoes. Then you can chop them and add them back to the water to finish cooking.

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