Tuesday, September 28, 2010


iPhones, iPods, iMacs... are you an apple addict like our family? Chris has been working in IT for about 10 years and it's safe to say we are an apple family. The new iPhone 4 was something we wanted but I wasn't sure was going to fit into our budget.
We ended up selling both of our iPhone3G for $160 each, making the cost of our new phones only $40 each! I can't think of a more budget friendly price.

You might know that I am sort of cheap and Apps that cost money are a splurge I rarely take. Chris laughs at me all the time, "It's only $.99!" but I don't like buying Apps. Which means I know very little about them, I play solitaire on my phone; seriously.

but this App is the coolest thing EVER! It's called RedLaser and it transforms my phone into a scanner gun! I can scan any barcode and find nutrition information, allergy information, and price comparisons. Most of the price comparisons are online shopping, so even if the price is lower, it would be additional for shipping. If you're going to shop at a few stores and try to price compare, this app is a great choice.

Check out their video:

(I am not getting paid or receiving anything from RedLaser, I just think the product is cool)
Happy Scanning!

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