Sunday, September 12, 2010


Does pasta ever feel cliche to you?
Pasta dishes normally feel so cliche to me, like every movie has a scene of someone making pasta and sipping red wine while sad music plays in the background.
Either that or very "mom on-the-go"; boxed pasta, jar of sauce, done.

The sad thing is that I do like pasta but I normally convince myself that I don't. Plus, it's on sale practically all the time!

Well, a while back the whole wheat pasta was actually on sale BOGO which is more rare than the white pasta. Whole wheat pasta is high in fiber and protein so it's a great choice.

I made the whole wheat thin spaghetti and I decided to skip the jar of sauce and use fresh tomatoes, pretty much raw, I didn't make my own sauce or anything. We added a little diced green pepper, garlic, and basil. I decided to change it up and add lemon, almost a whole lemon of juice actually. It added a bright flavor and kept the pasta from being so heavy.
I topped it with my favorite splurge: Parmesan Reggiano.

Tasty, Healthy, and only mildly cliche!
Happy Eating!

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