Saturday, September 4, 2010

Las Vegas

Food in Las Vegas is separated into two categories: expensive casual (think $11 hamburgers) and expensive luxury ($45 steaks). The idea of the $2.99 buffet may look nice in movies when the main character has lost all his money gambling, but the buffet we went too was $29.99.
The last time we were in Vegas we had the ultimate pleasure of eating at Hubert Keller's Fleur de Lys. We would LOVE to do that again but we were on a special wedding package and couldn't possibly justify a $400 meal.

Rick Moonen's RM Seafood has a "downstairs" that is a little less formal. For lunch we could get in and out for $50. This is probably my forerunner, I really liked Rick Moonen on Top Chef and I'd love to try his restaurant. His restaurant's mission statement includes; "At Rm Seafood, we are committed to use organically grown, sustainable produce and sustainably caught seafood." Sounds fabulous and responsible.

I definitely need a new dress, or two, for the trip. Victoria's secret's dresses are totally vegas appropriate and don't cost more than my plane ticket! I like this one. Anything goes in Vegas fashion but I don't know if I can do anything too flashy...

We are staying at the Wyndham Grand Desert. It's just off the strip. Last time we stayed right on the strip which I liked but this has a much more resort feel to it and their website says they have a free shuttle to the strip, so bonus!
Has anyone out there been to Vegas a bunch of times and have some advice for us? Any great restaurants we should find?

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