Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Discounts...

Today at Publix I had my very first opportunity to fight for my discount! Seriously, I punched a girl! ok, no I didn't. But I went to customer service at least.

If you know me, then you know a little arguing never scared me. I don't particularly like fighting or confrontation, but if I'm right and it's nothing personal (like a price) then, bring it on!

The advertisement said General Mills cereals were BOGO. I had 2 coupons for 2 different General Mills cereals that gave me $1 off one box. Math time: $4.29/box is $8.58 total. Minus $2 in coupons and minus $4.29 for my free box = $2.29. Divide by my two boxes and it was $1.15 a box! Oh man, saving money never gets old!

BUT... when I looked at my receipt on the way out I noticed I did not get my $4.29 deducted for the free box. It simply wouldn't do after the delicious coupon to sale matching I did.
The customer service gentleman had a small boy (How young does Publix employ people because he genuinely looked 8) run to the cereal isle and check my already flawless reading of the fine print. Then we had to grab a lady to check the advertisement. Turns out... I was right! $4.29 in my hand cash.

Happy Coupon Clipping!

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