Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweets for a Valentine

I have been craving sweets, maybe it's the Valentine Celebrations in the Air.

Look at this Cheesecake Recipe!
Interested in this Chocolate Mousse Pie, I know I am!
We bought (and ate) 6 cupcakes from Raphsodic Bakery, a local vegan bakery!
We even splurged on these Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwiches!

What do you eat when you're craving sweets?
Chocolate Covered Katie makes a lot of single serving desserts, have you ever tried that for portion control?

To keep myself from over-indulging I didn't make ANY desserts!

I actually made some faux-cookies!

Chris and I made these super cute valentine's fortune cookies.
Then we filled them with themed fortunes for our co-workers based around our different jobs. I loved them. Here is a tutorial that I read for inspiration.
We used hot pink, light pink, red, and maroon as the colors for felt. Purple ribbon to cover the wire. We even found valentine's themed to-go boxes at the craft store.

Maybe I'll find this in a to-go box on valentine's day!

Even though you can't eat felt cookies, it might help balance all the other sweets we will be eating.
Happy Eating!

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