Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parksdale Farms

If you live in the Central Florida area then you already know that February is prime strawberry season. I love it! Each year I try to eat as many strawberries as I can so that I'm sick of them until the next year.

Each year we also make the trip to Parksdale Farms in Plant City, FL.

It's this adorable little road side market that looks like it's been expanded onto piece by piece. Tarps and random pieces of plastic hold it together. They sell produce and such and they are surrounded by strawberries fields. They have more local strawberries than you could even eat! There is a giant strawberry you can sit in and be the strawberry queen! This is my grandma as the strawberry queen in 2009 :) She's great.

The thing they're known for are GIANT strawberry shortcakes. I would normally have one pilled high with whipped cream and maybe even ice cream.

There is a line out to the road and when you order it's kind of like Pat's and Geno's in Philadelphia because you better know what you want! This is us waiting in line.

This year was a little different since whipped cream and ice cream aren't in my current diet. We didn't want to skip the tradition so we went anyway and I had a giant bowl of unsweetened berries! Chris had the Food Network Famous Milkshake. It wasn't always Food Network Famous, but it was always good!

What kind of local foods do you take advantage of when they're in season?
Happy Eating!

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