Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manatee Cafe

Isn't the last day of vacation so bittersweet?
You want to stay focused on relaxing but your mind wanders back to real life, anticipating it's arrival.

We started the day with breakfast at the Inn, that is our table by the window :) This is Chris' French Toast and my Grits.

We stopped for lunch at a tiny place called The Manatee Cafe. It was cute, clean, efficient, overall a perfect place to make a quick stop while trying to extend your vacation even though you need to get going.

I think Chris was getting tired of the paparazzi at meal time.

Chris ordered a lunch combo, half a sandwich and soup. His soup was miso and his sandwich was the Veggie Burrito #2, whole wheat tortilla with black beans, rice, cheese, sweet potato, avocado, sprouts, and salsa.

I had the Veggie Wrap with fruit. It was tofutti, hummus, mushrooms, onion, carrots, sprouts, sweet potato, avocado, salsa, and seasonal veggies in a whole wheat wrap. Look how pretty!

I'm sad that vacation eating is over but I have definitely been inspired for some copycats at home! Happy Eating!

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