Friday, February 17, 2012

Alphadog Grill

I said that I'd let Chris pick dinner since he was such a trooper about the raw lunch. He picked a great one: AlphaDog Grill.
They specialize in hot dogs.
Crazy hot dogs with crazy toppings.
Meaty Cheesy toppings!

Of course my husband wouldn't leave me hungry right?
No Way!

The place was pretty empty on a monday night but our server was really energetic and helpful. He even asked about the veganism of the buns for me.

Chris ordered a beef dog with sauerkraut, chili, and cheese.
They had more than one vegan option, which is crazy. First, a vegan hot dog made of tofu. Pretty classic. Second, a carrot dog. What is a carrot dog I asked? it's a carrot marinated and steamed and served on a bun like a hot dog! GENIUS. Done.

The carrot do turned out to be very soft and a lot like a hot dog! I thought the marinade was a little lackluster but the dog all put together was fresh and warm and soft and crunchy and great!
Prices were LOW! I mean, woah Low. My delicious carrot dog with ALL the toppings I wanted was $4.25.

Dogs came with french fries, not a lot of them, an actually appropriate serving I think. They must have been double fried because they were really really crispy and delicious. Chris raved about the fries.

I can neither confirm or deny that I have a bag of carrots marinating in the fridge and hot dog buns on the counter waiting for a re-creation at home!
Happy Eating!

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