Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I gave Chris kind of a mean faced warning as we sat and ate our hot dogs on our first night, I politely mentioned that he should have something a little more romantic planned for the next night, valentine's day. His face got that cute, oh crap, look but he pulled it together very well!

When I went out for my run that morning he found and chose a restaurant, made reservations, and confirmed they had vegan options! He does love me <3

This is where we ended up, Indochine. Look how romantic and cute! It was on the second floor of this cute brick building downtown jacksonville.

I love thai food. I mean, LOVE thai food. Sometimes with more local thai places it can be difficult to confirm the ingredients are vegan. The last time I tried a little old Vietnamese lady just kept repeating coconut milk as the ingredients in the curry. I was ecstatic to be able to have thai food that I was sure was actually vegan!

First Course:

Baby Mixed Greens Salad and Edamame. The house dressing on this salad was amazing, I think probably toasted sesame oil as a base. Plus, it was huge and I love huge salads.

Main Course:
I ordered the Panang Curry which was the only curry available to vegans. The waitress suggested I order it half vegetable and half tofu, which was perfect. I also got spice level 3, which was good for me. It came with jasmine rice. I wish I could make this curry sauce!

Chris had the Drunken Noodles, sauteed wide rice noodles with egg, onion, sweet peppers, basil, mushrooms, and cashews. He had his with pork and spice level 2, which was a bit much for him.

I wanted dessert so bad especially when she described this purple rice mango coconut thing! I couldn't do it, I was so full and happy that eating more would have given me that belly ache where you wish you could have stopped eating.

Chris and I will be driving through Jacksonville again in July and I am already planning to stop!
What did you do for Valentine's Day dinner?
Happy Eating!

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