Monday, February 20, 2012

Mellow Mushroom

Chris and I splurged on a "chain" restaurant for our lunch on the second day of our trip. Mellow Mushroom. They have all different kinds of pizza, and of course, they offer vegan cheeze!

There is a mellow mushroom pretty close to our house but we don't go very often because there is another vegan resturant, Ethos, and I like their vegan pizza better.

I like Mellow Mushroom's Mega Veggie Pizza a lot though! It has red sauce, sun dried tomato, spinach, green pepper, mushroom, onion, black olives, roma tomatoes, broccoli, banana peppers, artichoke hearts, and tofu. Chris had a ricotta and meatball pie that smelled very delicious and watching his non-vegan cheese stretch and melt definitely gave me cheeze envy.

Unfortunately I had run 9 miles that morning and didn't care at all about getting a picture before I dove in and ate all the pizza I could fit in my belly.

This day also happened to be Valentine's Day and we had a late afternoon snack of strawberries, chocolate, and champagne!

Before going to the best dinner EVER! Next post... :)
Happy Eating!

What do you like on your pizza?

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