Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brown Bag Lunch

What do you all pack for lunches?

Lunches are my hardest thing because they have to sit so long and be delicious at a variety of temperatures.

This pasta salad is a good one for me. I like it cold or warm. It's raw veggies mixed with chilled pasta and any dressing I'm feeling at the moment. It's flexible, I like that.

This sandwich with tempeh was delicious but I ate it right away. I like eating toasted bread and warm tempeh with cold vegetables. I don't like it as much if it sits at room temp.

This is a lazy microwaved frozen meal.

Have you seen these Bento Boxes? I got one thinking it would help me pack lunches but it's so small it's really more like a snack box, which is still good! I packed a delicious assortment of snacks inside of it but it couldn't fit enough food for my whole lunch.

I ask you all these questions and I'd really be very happy to have a comment. I'm not only talking to myself. :)

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