Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Chris made these cookies. I wasn't even home when he did it so I can't even pretend I helped a little. I am not an excellent baker. In fact do you remember that time I told you I made banana bread? I did make it just like I told you, but later when I tried to eat some, it was raw and disgusting in the middle but I never told you.

Chris made cherry cookies for Christmas. They even have a romantic story: Chris and I gave our wedding guests favors, as most couples do, and we decided to give everyone a Welcome to Las Vegas Bag of Fun. They got candies, playing cards, gambling chips, a Vegas magazine, a card with information about the wedding, and a box of these cherry cookies! Chris' mother made them for us, which was super nice and I bet the guests were glad she did. She even made them in heart shapes!! How cute. and delicious.

Chris' were in a circle. Next year I'll tell him to do trees to keep the blog interesting but for festivities sake, we will call them ornaments!

I don't have the recipe or anything informative to tell you about them.

I know that first you make sugar cookie dough, which I learned has to chill out in the fridge for a bit. Then you make this cherry sauce (YUM!).

Then you cut out a bottom cookie with a large circle and put cherry sauce on it. Then cut out the same shape with the large circle and cut out it's center with a small circle and place it on top of the first large circle. Then you bake it. Then you let your wife eat them or take them to work and bible study and brag about how stellar your husband is for making them!

Happy Eating!

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