Thursday, January 13, 2011

Purple Potatoes

Wouldn't it be fun if all vegetables came in our favorite colors? Pink celery maybe? Purple potatoes are a girlie vegetable lover's dream come true!

Look how cute are they?!

I was nervous about buying them, I mean specialty items sometimes seem like the belong on the shelves of Whole Foods and not in my kitchen, but it's a month of facing fears.

Which is why I paired the purple potatoes with the frozen lamb shank. Double fear facing duty.

Hadn't used the slow cooker in a while. I'm not normally a fan of the crock pot... it tends to make all the food taste exactly the same. Maybe I'm just not that good at combining items.

I put some purple, gold, and red potatoes with carrots and celery in the crock pot with beef stock.

The lamb was a little fattier than most of the meat that I cook, but I suppose that goes along with the cut of meat.

The potatoes were so cute and perfect! The purple potatoes are a little sweeter than the regular ones, but not quite as sweet as sweet potatoes. Do they make sweet potatoes in this smaller size?

I'd love to roast sweet potatoes with the purple ones...

Anyway, this is a makeshift recipe but it's how things tend to go in my kitchen.
Happy Eating!

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