Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pretty Foods and Ugly Foods

I think in the new year I'm going to blog a little more about my relationship with food, and not just the food itself.
I love food, I've told you that, but it wasn't always that way. Like most people living in middle class america I have struggled with food. This probably isn't surprising. What is surprising to me is that for most people, their struggle is ongoing. I'm going to write a little bit about that sometimes.

When I was young I was sent to a class where you could learn how to be a lady. A class designed by this lady, Linda Wilder Dyer. We bought this handbook, Pretty Me. I'm sure Mrs. Dyer is a lovely southern woman who wrote this book to help young girls. I'm sure she didn't mean to destroy their individuality and give them unreachable expectations. I'm sure my mother, and all the mothers who bought this book, were looking for a nice book to teach their daughters about table-settings (chapter 3), being popular (chapter 1) and how to be house guest (chapter 5). Here is where my blog comes in, chapter 4; Health and Fitness. You'll find this chart on page 130.
There are no such things as pretty foods or ugly foods. Except the Durian fruit maybe, which is very very stinky. I personally, do not find raisins attractive, they are wrinkly and squishy. I think a hot fudge sunday can be beautifully constructed with colors and layers. Sadly, Mrs. Dyer is not talking about the photogenic qualities of these foods. She is associating foods with their health benefit and their ability to make you overweight or not, which she is calling "pretty" or "ugly". This upsets me.
You probably know that being active and eating nourishing foods is very important to me. This has absolutely no bearing on whether I am pretty. I probably don't need to go into much more detail about this and I think you see my point without climbing on my internet soap box.

If your new year's resolution for 2011 is to loose weight please know, your weight or the food you eat has no bearing on your attractiveness. I know over and underweight people who are both attractive and unattractive. If your resolution is to be more attractive my suggestion would be to start with a positive attitude. Avoid saying negative or harsh things. It can make you a difficult person to be around. Be grateful for every experience in your life because it has brought you to today, and today is where you are.

Happy Eating all nourishing foods in moderation and Happy being positive!

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