Friday, January 7, 2011


This is a somewhat different post for me.
you know I'm all about saving money but I normally only talk about it in relation to food.

but tonight I checked our utilities bill online.
You don't know much about the size of our house or whatever but for some background last month our bill was about $130. The month before maybe $140. In the heat of summer when I can't take it and the air conditioning is going hard core it can be $220.

It said our current amount due was $330. more usage than we have ever had in this apartment.
We haven't changed our lifestyle, I didn't decorate with Christmas lights, I didn't crank the heat to create a sauna. Is it possible that this is a mistake? Has anyone had this before?

Can utility companies make mistakes?
Someone give me some pointers.

Happy not-having-a-panic-attack!

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