Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am obviously not a perfect cook.
I am not creating dishes that make the eater's face melt and freeze in one spot as to pause digestion and enjoy the taste of my dish for a moment longer than the average chewing experience.

I know that... sort of but when you're in the kitchen splashing around and you're husband will pretty much eat whatever you serve him I do tend to forget that my food is simple, my ingredients cheap, and my courage low.

My ingredients will remain cheap and I actually like simple flavors but I am realizing that I am afraid of making bad food. I am afraid of putting $20 worth of ingredients together and it tasting like... shit. (that was truly the only appropriate word)

Fearful Cooks, say it with me! I will be more courageous! I will not worry about things like ruined burned or disgusting tasting foods. I will not be afraid to spend another $20 on a pizza when my dish is inedible. I will embrace my food and it will work out sometimes!

ah, I feel better already.

Next step...
I will try these recipes:
baking Pumpkin Cookies, and I'm adding chocolate chips!
Pretzels. I love them. I'm going to make them. Not sure what recipe.
split pea soup. with ham! I found a recipe in a magazine.
I'm using that lamb in my freezer!
Dying to do something with purple potatoes (they're not too cheap!)
I want to infuse olive oil with some herbs.

What are your scared recipes? Let's try them together!
Happy Eating, and Cooking!

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