Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Dip

The holidays always bring parties and there is always the horrible idea of what to bring...
a bottle of wine is nice, if they drink wine. a six pack is a little "college days". an actual present can be fun but what to get? Bath and Body Sweet Pea soap?
Food is my favorite option! and you can even buy those aluminum pans at the grocery store so no worrying about your favorite platter.

This buffalo chicken dip could be perfect! My recipe is for two because I only made it for Chris and I but you could double or triple it if you needed.

10oz Canned Chicken
4oz Softened Cream Cheese, I used low fat.
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Wing Sauce
Chips and Celery for dipping

Combine the chicken and the cream cheese. We got the specialty canned chicken without additives, so it was two 5oz cans.
Add as much wing sauce as you like. We like it not too hot. The consistency will be much smoother after the sauce though. We used Ashanti Chicken Wing Sauce because it was the only one at our store without corn. You could always use your favorite.
Then I sprinkled in about 1/3 of the container of blue cheese crumbles.
Bake at 350 degrees for maybe 20 minutes until the cheese is a little melty and the dip is heated though.
It's delicious on chips but the celery would be good too, it really does taste like a chicken wing with blue cheese!

Happy Eating!

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  1. I've made this before but I add some lite Marzettis blue cheese dressing and I use a rotisserie chicken instead of canned...SO YUMMY! xoxo Emily