Sunday, December 26, 2010


Goals for the New Year:

1. STAY on budget. I have no problem, although much shame, in admitting November and December were terrible for our budget. (think horrible terrible no good awful and despicable)

2. Blog more. November and December were also terrible for blogging, probably to do with the eating out which also damaged our budget.

3. Associate eating out with the devil! Since they are obviously responsible for ruining my good intentions regarding the first two goals.

4. Get out of debt minus one student loan (and maybe even that one too!). This isn't a huge number so I think it's completely reasonable to think we can do it this year. as long as goals 1, 2, and 3 work out.

5. Run my 1/2 marathon in January in Key West.

6. Eat at Bern's for Valentine's Day (totally using gift cards!)

7. We're moving in April and I'd love to find a home for rent with a fenced in back yard for Eliza.

8. Go to Wyoming/South Dakota in July.

9. Have a home-made gift Birthday season in August. Chris' home-made sock monkey from last valentine's is my favorite.

10. I'd like to begin a community group with Chris and other couples where we can talk about God, the Bible, life, love, and anything else. I'd like to stay in this group for 12 months, committed to the other couples.

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  1. These sound like great goals, Melissa. I think Eliza would love having a backyard to romp around in. I've missed reading your blog these part couple of months.