Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Romaine Salad

My mom is strange about salad. She loves them, but only at restaurants. She can't eat salads that she has made. I'm telling you this because for the longest time I don't think I realized you could make delicious salads at home. I loved to order them out but salads are expensive at restaurants! It has been fun to play with making salad at home for maybe the first time in my life.

This Tex-Mex flavored salad takes advantage of a few items from
the restaurant where I work. 1. The Turkey and 2. the Corn.

First I put some lime juice on the turkey. Our turkey is smoked. The smoke flavor is strong and I'm a little overwhelmed by it sometimes. The lime juice cut the smoke a little bit. The turkey is pretty tender and delicious so it didn't need much else. I could have used flank steak with a spicy rub on it for the salad too... but I got this turkey for free so it was the winner. Sorry spicy flank steak but I don't get too many other perks in the restaurant besides the occasional free meat product.

Then I diced up the delicious toppings. How fun is dicing avocado? I was proud of it. One thing I need help with is taking pictures while I cook without covering my camera with food particles. I got avocado mush all over my phone after I took this one here. I bet if I stopped nibbling while I cooked that would help, but I couldn't do that. I think I ate 1/3 of that avocado half before I could even put it in the bowls.

Layering salad goodness... Romaine then tomato then corn salsa then avocado, then turkey. I chopped up the romaine. I figure, when I get to make my salad myself, I'll just do all the chopping before hand that way I don't need to use a knife. Cutting up my salad with a knife kind of annoys me.

Salt and Pepper top it off and let's hurry to the table!

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