Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Anniversary!

Chris and I went back and forth about what to do for our anniversary. Is it better to do something super fancy and special or something nice and normal for you as a couple? We went the normal route. We figured we have years to go on cruises, buy expensive presents, or eat $200 dinners.

Since we just purchased our Disney passes, we went to Animal Kingdom. We watched a few really amazing shows, you can see us here in our bug glasses! Plus we both got that super amazing button to wear that says it's our first anniversary and everyone congratulates you and we even got two free frozen chocolate covered bananas! Free food! Best anniversary yet.

We ended up choosing our favorite restaurant for dinner, Seito Sushi in Winter Park. We love it there. We went there to celebrate our engagement. It's a little nicer than an average place but still not crazy. Seito was also randomly featured on O Deals Daily. We bought $80 worth of gift cards for $40! How stinking fabulous. I love deals.

Then, for dessert, our amazing friend and neighbor bought us our first wedding cake! We didn't have cake at our reception, we had a chocolate tart thing (that was delicious!) We were not able to freeze any of it for our 1st anniversary though. How seriously adorable is that mini wedding cake!? I love it.

Happy Anniversary to the couples out there! How long have you been committed to your love?

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