Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Food Shopping

Grocery shopping is so fun. I can say that because I shop alone with pretty much no time limit. I imagine shopping with children is less fun.
I got back in the groove today with my weekly budget of $60. That's only for two people, but ideally it will give us breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week.

From Freshfields Farm I bought green beans, brussel sprouts, a sweet potato, spring mix, cranberries, large grapes, broccoli, carrots, one pear, two apples, and one lemon. Produce Total, $19.11

I also bought roast beef, mock skirt steak, and 3 whole chicken breasts. Meat total, $9.89

At Publix I bought paper towels, milk, 1/2 gallon of peach tea, 1/2 gallon of unsweet tea, 2 jugs of V8 juice, storage bags, sandwich thins, popcorn, mushrooms, eggs, and a lamb shank. Normally I would buy my produce and meat from freshfields farm but they didn't have lamb and their mushrooms came in bulk sizes and I couldn't have eaten that many mushrooms. Grocery total, $27.54

That brings my grand total to $56.54! I met my budget. I'm confident the groceries will be enough if I stick to my meal plans.

How did your shopping go as we start the new week?
Happy Shopping!

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