Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think people read this blog.
maybe I'm delusional.
but I really think there are one or two readers out there!

I've tried to lure comments out of you readers with questions... that did not work you shy shy readers. I am trying another tactic!

I am looking for some fun new recipes.
Check out this one I got from my friend yesterday: Banana Soft Serve "ice cream"
I tried to make it yesterday and unfortunately my food processor broke last night leaving me with the first half of the recipe and no soft serve, I was pretty upset. So no recipes calling for a food processor until I can get a new one.

Chris and I will be starting our training for our first half marathon in September so we are going to be looking for nutritious filling foods that aren't high in fats, as Chris' gallbladder is broken and is not processing fats. This means not too many nuts or nut butters.

Please comment and leave me some fun new recipes!

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