Thursday, August 12, 2010


There are blogs that I like to read.
One of them gives away stuff to her readers... so FUN! plus it's awesome stuff like things off or cool jewelry, check out her blog. People comment on her blog, they have too, to get the free stuff.

I'm so desperate for comments that I'm going to try giving away free stuff. I think she might have advertisements on her blog and thus, make money to cover the costs of the giveaways. I do not have advertisements. This will cost me money. See, I'm willing to buy your comments!

I have two items to giveaway, one for the fellas and one for the ladies. although, it really doesn't matter. If you comment on the blog with your e-mail address and you're my lucky winner I will e-mail you and request your address and then I will mail it to you! just like that, if you live in the United States. (Mom, you will not be my lucky winner!)

For the ladies: I have a lime green spatula. It matches my kitchen and it's safe to 450 degrees.
For the fellas: I have a Suede BBQ Mit. It's from dillards.

If you want either of these items... comment on my blog!

Happy cooking!


  1. Try guest blogging on other websites. This will get your writing out to more eyes and eventually lead to more people coming directly to your site.

  2. I like this idea Melissa! :)

  3. I WANT FREE STUFF!!!! :) You are a wonderful writer and cannot wait to read more.