Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday

Chris and I have our birthday's ten days apart from one another. Well... 9 years and 10 days. Both of our birthdays are in August and I've been thinking a lot about birthdays and how we celebrate them. Of course their are gifts... i like this stuff or maybe this stuff. but really we always celebrate with food.
Growing up I remember on your birthday you got to choose what we ate for dinner. Sometimes this meant you got to pick something and Mom would make it for you and other times it meant you got to pick a restaurant to go to. We would ask mom to make such gourmet items as tater tots and hamburger helper.

We always liked to go to Chi Chi's though. I found an actual picture of me for the blog! You know the drill, they plop a giant hat on your head, sing in spanish, and then you get ice cream with a candle. Man that was the best! I was so embarrassed but then would totally ask to do it again next year. Chi Chi's did close due to some hepatitis complications but the memories are disease free.

Now that I'm turning 24 I get to pick the restaurant! What else could it be besides Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. It's the modern day Japanese equivalent to Chi Chi's minus the whole disease thing although you can never trust that white sauce so maybe... Anyway. After proving it's your birthday by flashing your drivers license they even give you $15 off your meal! They will even give you a funny hat! It's genius. They also have great mixed drinks :)

The cool thing about Chris' birthday being right after mine is that we can both kind of have two birthday dinners. Chris picked Bern's Steakhouse for his. Same idea of a steakhouse but I assure you the two are about as different as they can be. No silly hats. No birthday discount. Try amazing, Try Rachel Ray's pick for best steak house. Their website says they have a "tradition of excellence with a gastronomic adventure that includes prime steaks cut to order, 21 choices of caviar, fresh seafood and organic vegetables grown on Bern's farm." That's right, they have a farm.

Happy Birthday Eating!

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  1. We used to go to Chi Chi's for our birthdays too! I checked out the list of Rachel Ray's steakhouses and there's one practically right down the street from us. We'll definately have to give it a try.