Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

$3.95 Plink

These three products are on the market for cleaning the garbage disposal. The last one claims that is is 95% more effective than home remedies. I wonder how they can know that it is 95% more effective. You're not actually cooking from your sink or near your garbage disposal so do you need the area to be completely disinfected? I feel as though you simply need the area to smell nicely, or even just not smell poorly.

There is a thrifty shopper inside of me that just has to beg you not to purchase these products! Clorox Bleach is $3.29 and lemons, I think, were 3/$4 at Publix. All of these products are lemon scented, how about real lemon scent? Slice your lemon in half, put it down your garbage disposal, and turn it on. Lemon scent!

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