Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love making chili. I love the simplicity of it. You put your ingredients in a pot and then after a few hours... viola! Chili.

I was reading the backs of the canned beans I normally use and I was horrified to find... corn syrup and the like. Sad thing #1. So this time I took on a new adventure; dried beans! They added a considerable amount of time to the chili making process because I had to soak the beans before I could use them. I took a picture of the bean soaking. It took almost 2 hours.

I normally serve my chili with a modified recipe of Jiffy's Corn Muffins. You have probably seen it, in the blue box. I mix the box with a can of creamed corn, a little hot sauce, and one egg and bake it for 25 or so minutes and it makes moist delicious cornbread. Sad thing #2... Jiffy uses Lard in their mix! I made it anyway but found a really cool blog that you must read where she makes her own version so I will try that next time.

I made probably 16 servings of chili yesterday because we are planning on eating the heck out of some chili this week!
1. Chili with Cornbread
2. Chili Quesadilla
3. Chili on Nachos
4. Chili on Baked Potatoes

Do you know of any other ways I could use this giant pot of chili in other recipes?

Here are my ingredients and a link to my calorie approximations:

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  1. My mom would use chili leftovers to make what she called "chili-ghetti" basically, chili over spaghetti! I still love it! Wholewheat noodles and some organic cheddar cheese shredded over the top. Mmmmmm. Now I want to make some!