Monday, April 23, 2012

St. Louis MI to New Orleans LA - Road Trip Part Two

Road Trip round Two!

Quick photo of our AMAZING hotel in St. Louis, the Chase Park Plaza.

Nikki actually works for the company that runs the hotel so she spent a little time in the afternoon chatting with her co-workers and "talking shop" so I took the opportunity to have an adult beverage! Delicious.

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Dinner in St. Louis was some pizza. Pi Pizza! Pizza is a classic American food that I really think most people love. The cool thing is that people love it different ways. This place had pizza all kinds of ways, great for travelers like us!

Nikki had a wheat free deep dish pizza and I had a thin crust vegan pizza! Hello perfection, it's lovely to see you.

Check out that sumptuous pizza; daiya, tomato, red pepper, spinach, even a few vegan sausage crumbles! I'm going to tell it to you straight, I was tipsy when I ate that pizza and it was amazing. Hahaha. Tipsy pizza is one of the best kinds of pizza!

We left St. Louis the next morning after a quick breakfast of Poached Pear Oatmeal and a Soy Latte, we were off!

How cute is this cafe we stopped in though? They had an adorable fruit bar made with vintage looking boxes, talk about an upgrade from the standard banana and red apple choice most places have for fresh fruit.

I really loved St. Louis and I'm so glad we were able to stop there and experience the city.

It's 10 hours and 45 Minutes from St Louis to New Orleans. Those snacks came in handy for sure!

Luckily... Memphis is about half way in-between the two cities. I was definitely in the mood for some Barbecue. We found a really fun restaurant called The Elegant Farmer.

The restaurant is dedicated to local ingredients and supporting sustainable farms.  I love finding companies that I can support morally and financially. They even list the farms they get their food from on their menu and website. Loving that Ya'll sign! haha.

My lunch was the veggie platter; fresh vegetable ratatouille, roasted vegetables with herbs, and braised greens. Look at those greens!! I literally almost ordered an additional side of greens because those bad boys were to die for.  That biscuit came off my plate sadly after they told me it wasn't vegan. We were back on the road and on to New Orleans after our bellies were full.

I'll tell you all about the last leg of the trip next time!
Happy Eating!

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