Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Orleans LA to Orlando FL - Road Trip Part Three

Road Trip Part Three!
We got into New Orleans around 9pm at night but we were hungry!

We found Mia's which was super cute especially for a wednesday night. There were two guys playing live music and we were able to sit on the patio with Piper, there were actually two other doggies on the patio too.

I ordered the Eggplant Steak. How cute is that name?
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It's a grilled eggplant slice served over roasted tomatoes with an herb dressing on top. Served with spinach sauteed with pecans and roasted sweet potatoes. I explained being a vegan, and asked that it wasn't made with butter. There was no shortage of oil though! Woah, I was a little overwhelmed with the oil on the plate. That's more than I normally use on a meal for both Chris and I plus leftovers for lunch.

The spinach was so good with pecans! It felt really southern so I liked the "authentic" aspect of that side. The sweet potatoes were good too, but again, oily for my taste.

I was able to go for a quick 3 mile run through New Orleans the next morning. I love running though new cities! I took blurry pictures as I went, this one turned out pretty good though!

I returned to a light breakfast at the B&B where we stayed. Oatmeal, Apple, and Coffee.

Then I made a vegan exception. Maybe that's not very vegan of me, actually probably it isn't but I ate a beignet. We got ours to go so we could sit with the wiener dog! They are very efficient at the Cafe Du Monde.

The beignets came in a paper bag filled with powdered sugar and inside, buried under the sugar, were three little fried donuts. I was kind of scared to eat one if I'm being honest. I didn't want to feel sick later. I did eat one of the donuts!

honestly... It wasn't worth it. I've had vegan donuts that tasted better. I mean, it was yummy! It just wasn't yummy enough for my to justify eating animal products. I should have known better... I don't think any taste at this point would be worth eating animal product.

Piper liked the powdered sugar! Silly Puppy.

After the donut we decided to skip right to Hurricanes! I had to work on my laptop for my job so thankfully, the bar on Bourbon Street had wireless!

It's a little over 10 hours from New Orleans to Orlando.

We left New Orleans around 6 pm putting us into Orlando somewhere around 5 am! It was a long night filled with sugar and chips. Even some candy cigarettes, although I noticed they had gelatin in them after I bought them. Quick Service Shops aren't the most friendly to vegans.

It was a great trip!! If you go on a trip and find some delicious vegan food, please let me know!!

Happy Eating.

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