Thursday, April 5, 2012

Juice Fast: Recap

Overall I think our juice fast was a success!
We ended up going three and half days until I ate this for lunch. Tijuana Flats.

Let me tell you, that was the best black bean salad I've maybe ever had. haha. It was great to eat greens instead of drink them.

I didn't really experience a "cleansing" effect that I had heard I may.
I felt nourished physically but not as much emotionally.
I would definitely do it again for 3 days. I think the 3 day fast was a good length, it is the recommended starter length.
I hated throwing out all the leftover pulp in the juicer. All those poor carrot leftovers wasted. I hate wasting food.
I will continue to juice in addition to food, I did like some of the flavors.

My new idea: I might like to go raw for 10 days. A 10 Day Raw Challenge!
hahaha. What do you think? Terrible Idea?

Happy Eating!

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