Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cinnamon Walnuts on Toast with Pear

Pinterest is always featuring pictures of food on bread. You know what I mean, little morsels of fruit or vegetables sitting in oil and cheese on top of crusty toasted bread. Normally with wine or coffee in the background slightly out of focus.

these photos get me EVERY time.

I think to myself... I need oil and animal cheese on nutritionally stripped bread and a tiny piece of real food for color with caffeine or alcohol on the side.
I don't think that, but I should.
What I actually think is... Sigh, if I lived in Paris and had a lover that spoke only french we would eat that meal for breakfast after making love under twinkle lights all night long.
That's true. no judgement.


I don't live in Paris, I live in Florida. My husband speaks perfectly good English and I would never let him hang twinkle lights in our bedroom. I also don't eat cheese or a lot of oil or caffeinated coffee. Welcome to my blog.

Here is my version!

It's a slice of toasted dry ezekiel bread. This sprouted bread is better than the "crusty white bread" version. I mean it! It's nutty and flavorfully and gives your body delicious energy.

I took walnuts and pulsed them in the food processor with cinnamon, water, a bit of agave nectar, and a pinch of salt. Add enough water so they stick together but not so much that they get wet. This spread becomes our "oil/cheese" component.

I took those dense red pears, not the delicate yellow/green pears that are so juicy they drip down your fingers and make your sleeves sticky. The red ones that crunch when you bite them, and you're wondering if it was ripe yet.
Slice them pretty thin and grill them. They don't really need oil, maybe a spritz of cooking spray.
Grill them until they get soft and wilty. They may get marks on them if you're good with a grill pan. I got hungry and ate mine sans grill marks.

Layer it all together and BAM! Take that sexy cheese toast. Healthy vegan toast with protein and fruit. I ate this for lunch and felt really great about it all afternoon. I did eat the rest of the pear on the side; full disclosure.

Happy Eating!

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