Friday, April 20, 2012

Denver CO to St. Louis MI - Road Trip Part One

I was afraid my road trip would have a lack of internet access, and I was correct.
I cannot wait to tell you all about it though!

Denver CO to St. Louis MI  -- 13 hours and 20 min
St. Louis MI to New Orleans LA -- 10 hours and 45 min
New Orleans LA to Orlando FL -- 10 hours and 20 min

I flew into denver after a very early morning flight and treated myself to my favorite mountain man coffee, Caribou! Then met up with Nikki and she whisked me off to lunch.

We went to Watercourse Foods in Denver CO where I heartily consumed the Ruk Kora Salad; fresh arugula, carrots, fresh beets, edamame, cucumber, oranges, red pepper, topped with tamari roasted cashews, black sesame seeds and crispy soba noodles served with yuzu vinaigrette. Check out that beautiful monster.

I also had a vegan cookie with sprinkles! Road trips should probably include sprinkles. I'll add it to my list.

Eating outside in Denver was COLD, but Piper our trusty companion was cute enough to warm all of our hearts. Seriously, the server loved her so much he gave us a discount, Crazy town that Denver.

We then drove for 13 hours and arrived into St. Louis at an ungodly hour of 4:30 which, with time changes, had me awake for over 24 hours. I felt fine actually, must have been my hearty salad!

We slept in the next day and woke up in time for some lunch in St. Louis. We found this cute cafe called Or Smoothie and Cafe. More outdoor eating with Piper! This time I was warmer :)

The staff wasn't super friendly but the food made up for it! It's myth busting to eat fresh food on a road trip but I swear it can be done! I had a Ginger Tonic Juice made with ginger, apple, spinach, and carrot.

The Joy Wrap which was delicious fresh veggies and hummus rolled up in a whole wheat wrapper. The menu said the wrap had 6g of protein and based on the taste... it might have been sprouted wheat. I also had their lentil and squash soup. I know, I ate a lot of food, but I was hungry!!  Everything was so fresh and delicious, I feel like all the raw food really helped keep my energy up.

Nikki is (mostly) gluten-free so she opted for the Raw Nori Rolls, which were the highlight for sure! Look how beautiful they were, stuffed with organic spring mix, carrots, cucumber, onion, and avocado wrapped in nori and served with Bragg wasabi sauce. I'd never tasted lettuce in sushi but now, I can't imagine why I won't use it every time.

We made a trip to the Arch but they wouldn't let piper in so she had to study the history in the grass.

We hit up the Budweiser Brewery for a tour and tasting. We tasted the delicious, Wild Blue. I'd really recommend the beer if you can find it where you live.

I'll fill you in more on the rest of the trip next time!
Happy Eating!!

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