Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Managing Money

I don't know much about economics or recessions.
I know that most Americas don't worry how they will find drinking water or food.
Most Americans actually have food they like and dislike, a luxury not afforded to many countries.
Most Americans have a roof over their head where they can lock their door and be safe.
Some Americans even have roofs over their cars!

I have not spent a lot of time in other countries so it can seems like a fiction story to hear tales of life in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, or Haiti. It isn't fiction.

As much as I worry about free range eggs, grass fed meat or whether to buy organic rice or just regular rice, there are many people who worry about feeding their family anything edible. or kids that worry about finding a place to sleep where they won't be abducted and turned into soldiers.

This article at redplum.com talks about the upside of a recession for Americans being an interest in financial literacy. It's true. I think it's great that we care how we spend our money. Personally, I think how you choose to spend the money you have, no matter how little, is much more of a vote for what you support that any political vote.

Today's blog may be a sort of soap box but the money we have matters. It matters to more than just our family. Even if you clip every coupon and shop every sale, you're spending money and what businesses you choose to support decides what succeeds and what fails in this country. Take an interest in your finances.

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