Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lance Armstrong has this website:
I love it.
I use the website to track everything I eat every day. It works out so well because they have an app for the iphone as well as the website.
but they have a lot more on the site than just the calorie database, and I thought I'd share this article about living healthy on a budget!

The article has some great points. One of which I touched on in a previous post about frozen vegetables. Maybe at Whole Foods it isn't as trendy to buy frozen but often times they are actually allowed to ripen longer on the vines if the vegetable is going to be frozen. Fresh vegetables are often picked before they are ripe so they don't bruise during transportation.
Something to think about, especially when (like last week) steam in the bag frozen veggies were only $.99.
Happy Heathy Eating!

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