Thursday, June 17, 2010


I normally blog about food.
normally all I spend money on is food :)
but lately I have been decorating our bedroom. after my rant the other day I thought I'd show you where I choose to spend some of my money.

I'm doing a "lovebirds" thing in our bedroom. Hopefully it will look modern, clean, and relaxing when I'm done. We already have taupe sheets, a chocolate duvet & dust ruffle, and an ivory coverlet. We like the color palate so I just wanted to add pops of color and neutral browns.

First I chose this print of a tree with two birds for over our bed. The birds will be purple in ours (our wedding color and we have wedding photos around the bedroom, I posted a few pictures). There will also be our initials in the tree, awww.

Second I chose this beautiful birdcage to hang in the corner. I ordered the little white bird vase to put in the birdcage, since it doesn't come with the cute bird-y in the picture. Plus the vase is seriously adorable. I was thinking about putting a tiny potted plant in there with the bird...

Third I decided to replace my jewelry holder, currently a wiry dress form, to a natural looking tree. I like the idea of the tree to go along with the bird theme. I think next will be curtains with a leaf pattern.

I bought these items from and

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